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Why subscribe to an intranet solution that you have little to now control over?

A solution that does not cater for your specific strategy or company culture.

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How Much Does An Intranet Cost?
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There’s no easy way to pin down the final cost, but we can share some factors...


Most platforms come with a ton of features and capabilities, everything from virtual workspaces to social networks, and it takes time to implement each piece of the puzzle. The amount you’ll spend depends on the capabilities your organization wants and needs.

There’s no easy way...

The costs for intranets range from R280,000 for smaller companies to R3,5 million or more for larger ones. That’s a wide spectrum for sure, but you can come up with a ballpark estimate for your company by examining three factors : infrastructure costs, deployment / adoption / support costs, and payment options.

Infrastructure Costs

You can’t have an intranet without infrastructure. It takes servers and network connections to run an intranet, and the investment you make will depend on how the system is set up.

Deployment, Adoption, and Support Costs

Deployment – There are several out-of-the-box intranets that offer low deployment costs. Adoption - Don’t overlook the importance of employee adoption of your intranet. At a minimum, employees should be properly trained on how to use the available tools. Support – Once your platform is launched it will need support either in-house or through a specialist outside your organization.

Payment Options - Subscription Fees, or No?

There are many SaaS companies that offer intranet subscriptions, costing between R70-R230 per user per month. These fees depend on the features included in the software. Do the math...


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Our Offer

An affordable locally developed intranet solution that suites any size business. In some cases, an alternative or add-on for some companies.


No per employee / per user pricing. Simply unlimited users.

Why Settle?

Why would you settle for system limitations if you know there is intranet solutions available that will give you that flexibility you require at times and fits in how you have vision it.

Both Advance & Standard Options Includes


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Start your intranet solution today with 25 standard sections. 


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Our intranet solution is easy and simple to use.



No per employee / per user charge. One clear payment plan.


An affordable locally developed intranet solution that suites any size business.

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You don't have to create a special mobile version of your intranet site.

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